About us

Hi there!

My name is Sara and I am the founder of Chacosqe. I guess one of your questions might be, “where does the name come from?” and I will be answering it, of course! but before I do so, I  would like to tell you a little bit about my story, and how it is that I decided to start this entrepreneurial journey by developing a handbag company.

Two years ago, around that not-so-forgotten year 2020, I had a job that didn’t make me happy at all. I spent my working hours looking at the clock, and the week looking forward the weekends. Also, due to the situation we were all facing at that time, I had enough time to think and reflect about what I wanted to do with my future, on top of this, I also spent many hours on ig. This social network showed me how many women were starting their own companies (even in the middle of the pandemic!). Most of these women were very young, which really surprised me in a very positive way. When I was younger, starting my own company never crossed my mind.
However, as I got older, I started to fantasize with the idea of starting something of my own, specially when I saw that many people around me were considering this a future career option. Some of them were even studying entrepreneurship! Again, I had no idea this was even an option!

Therefore, feeling stuck in a job I didn’t like, and having an interest in handbags. I came to the conclusion that I needed to bet on myself, and go for something I enjoyed doing every day.

Made in Spain

Feeling inspired by all these young women, I could see as a follower and spectator, how they started with little, but step by step they managed to escalate their businesses. I was felling amazed by how brave and determined they were! I wanted to be like them and have the courage to go for my dreams, and most importantly doing something for myself. That is when I thought, if they can make it, I can too!

 I started to research about fashion and sustainability. If I was keen to start something, sustainability needed to be part of it and aligned with my values. I wanted my products to be ethically made, preferably in Europe, and more specifically in Spain. After looking for factories and materials, I found a family-owned-factory in Petrer (Alicante) who I could work with and develop a little collection. I put my ideas, heart and savings into it and then, Chacosqe was born!

Choosing the name

Since 2017, I live in Antwerp (Belgium). I have always been fascinated how such a small country can have three official languages: Dutch, French and German, and co-live together.

I have been learning Dutch since then, and it got my attention how many French words are used in the daily life of Belgian Dutch speakers. For example, “handtas” is the Dutch word for “handbag”, however, people in Antwerp usually use the French word “sacoche”.
Although, they pronounce it a way that sounds more Dutch – “sjakosj”. On top of this, in Antwerp, people use the suffix “-ke” when they want to make something smaller. Therefore, a little handbag is a “sjakoske”; and from here is where the name comes from!

However, since the spelling didn’t fully convince me, and in Spanish (my mother tongue) it wouldn’t be pronounced in the “Dutch way”, I thought I could modified it to make it sound more Spanish – “Chacosqe”.This manner, Spanish and Dutch speakers could read it and pronounce it the same way!