Our values


We want to be transparent in all of our process: from production to marketing. We have worked very hard to launch Chacosqe and we wish to be honest with the people that enjoy our products. This manner, we aim for a clear portrayal of what we do and how we do it, and an open conversation. 


This is the core of our values, that’s why out products are made of vegan leather, and a percentage of the lining is made of recycled plastic. However, in the future, we would like to go a step further and use more recycled materials in new designs. In additions, being made in a small family-owned factory in Spain, it assures that our products are ethically made.


The creative process always is key. We want to make handbags that are beautiful, but functional at the same time. We don’t want to follow trends, we want our handbags to be wearable in everyday life, and fulfill its purpose of carrying our things with us.