We ship to most European countries. Here you can find a list with the destinations:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Here you can find how many business days you need to wait for your Chacosqe to arrive depending on your location:

Austria (4-5 days), Belgium (1-2 days), Bulgaria (7-8 days), Croatia (5-6 days), Czech Republic (3-4 days), Denmark (4-5 days), Estonia (5-6 days), Finland (6-7 days), Germany (3-4 days), Greece (7-8 days), Hungary (5-6 days), Italy (5-6 days), Ireland (5-6 days), Latvia (5-6 days), Lithuania (5-6 days), Luxembourg (3-4days), Poland (4-5days), Portugal (5-6 days), Romania (5-6 days), Slovakia (5-6 days), Slovenia (5-6 days), Spain (4-5 days), Sweden (4-5 days) and The Netherlands (1-2 days).

These time frames need to be considered after you recieve your tracking number, NOT after the order confirmation email.

Yes. Shipping goods imply an extra cost since this is done by an external partner. In our case, we work with DHL. Our shipping rate is 4.90 EUR for any EU country we ship to.

For a small company, fully assuming the shipping cost, and therefore offering free shipping, would mean: Increasing the price of the items. Therefore, the shipping cost would be already covered in the final price.

On the other hand, not increasing the price, but fully assuming this cost can be suffocating for a start-up. There are many costs we need to carry besides production, like Marketing, Website, Branding, Domain, etc. In the end, it all adds up.

Yes, you can! (to most of the countries we ship to). When you are processing your order, you can choose to ship your order to your home address, or to a pickup point that is more convenient for you.

If this option doesn´t appear when processing your order, it means, unfortunately, we can´t ship your Chacosqe to a pickup point, but only to your home address.  

After your purchase, you receive an email that confirms that you have bought your Chacosqe correctly. 

After this, you will receive a second e-mail that says your order has been processed and shipped. This also includes a link to track your order. This second e-mail will be received a few days after your first confirmation e-mail.

As a small company, we assembly all the packages in-house with a lot care, and this can take some time.

Oh, it´s sad you want to return it. But, if this is what you want, you can do it. 

In this case, the costumer is fully responsible for the cost of returning the items. Please, take into consideration that we´re a small company, and free returns is not an option for
us at this moment.

You can contact us at hello@chacosqe.com and we will inform you about how and where
you can return your handbag. Please, indicate in the subjet "Return Chacosqe".

The best way to take care of our things is being careful with them. However, if it gets stained by accident (from the inside, or the outside) you can wash your handbag with a damp cloth and soap that has a neutral ph. 

Chacosqe is made of vegan leather. Nothing animal is used in the materials.

The outside material is made of 59% polyurethane and 41% polyester and cotton.

The lining is made of 51% recycled pes post-consumer (recycled plastic) and 49% polyester.

We would love to! We are always considering new ideas and designs. Of course, this takes time, and it also means an extra risk.

However, if we see that you enjoy our first launch, we will consider bringing those new ideas to life too.